It’s OK to Cry


Did you know that only humans can cry as an emotional response to joy or sadness?  And that it is actually good for you to cry?

It’s true.  I mean, it is healthy for your body if you go ahead and have a good cry.

  • It improves your mood after the fact.
  • Helps relieve stress because it releases chemicals that are built up while you’re getting yourself all worked up.  This helps you stay mentally healthy, or in layman’s terms…sane.
  • Tears clean and protect your eyeball and your eyelids.
  • And helps keep our nose moist (what a word!) and bacteria free.
  • Helps you connect with others.
  • Helps you move forward.
  • Helps with communication.  Some things do not need to be spoken.

Did you know that it is such a good idea for you to cry and so good for your body that the Japanese have taken it to a whole new level of crazy and have constructed “crying clubs” in many major cities, where people get together to ball their eyes out?!

So next time you feel as though you are fighting back tears, or swallowing a lump in your throat, let it go.   Let it gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

That sob session will put your body back into a state of balance.  Whatever that is?

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