Plant Shares


The last time I went to purchase a plant at the local nursery, I paid a small fortune.  Not that I blame them for their prices… they need to stay in business and they work hard for every penny they earn.

It’s just that there has to be a better way to beautify your yard than purchasing 100s of plants for $1,000s of dollars or hiring landscapers for even more money.

I believe that there should be more “plant shares” in small towns rather than “plant sales”.

Let’s all share our plants!

It doesn’t cost us any money to share a piece of what we already have growing and thriving in our yards.  And it means a lot when you share it with someone you know.  And would be  a great way to make new friends.

So next time you’re cutting your hosta plant in 1/2 to make room in your shade garden, or drying out your dahlia bulbs for the winter, or pruning your ornamental cherry tree, bring some to your neighbor or friend or church or book club to pass along.

Not only will you be starting a trend, but you’ll be leaving your legacy behind.  Every time I go out to my garden, I tenderly brush my hand over my beautiful creeping thyme plant from my Mémé in France who has passed but is alive for me in my herb bed.  Makes me smile every time!

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