Reach the Finish Line


Reaching the finish line.  That’s the goal in life, right?  Be it finishing school, completing a job assignment, cleaning out the closet, competing in a race, etc.

For some of us, the motivation to push through, all the way to that finish line isn’t as strong as others.  You can easily talk yourself out of it, postpone it and eventually give up on it.  “Well, I should really finish what I started, but it’s not life or death if I don’t do it right now.  I can come back to it.  There’s always tomorrow.  I don’t feel good.  The weather is not cooperating.  I’m too busy.   I’ve lost interest.”

In most instances, the plain truth is that the finish line seems too far away, intangible, and it’s easy to talk yourself out of reaching it.

The secret to reaching that finish line banner is to add a milestone at the mid-way point.  Studies have shown that if you have something to look forward to halfway through the “race” you are more likely to put forth the energy to finish that race.


Throw yourself a little party at the halfway point to your goal.  Celebrate yourself!  You’re almost there and the likelihood that you’ll finish has now increased exponentially!

You can do it!

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