The Da Vinci Code


This is a must-read and a must-have in your library/collection of books.

I’ve had this as part of my library since it was published in 2003.  My hubby read it and really got excited about it then.  I, of course, just looked at him endearingly as he carried on and on about an alternate ending to the Bible and thought to myself, “Isn’t he dreamy when he gets so involved in his books that their fantasy becomes a reality to him?”

13 years later I decided to pick it up and read it.  I’d heard, over and over, how it was one of those books that needed to be read before you died.  A “bucket list” book, if you will.

Well, no wonder.  This book is not brilliant literature.  The characters are not complex and multi-layered.  Most of the story is predictable.  It reads like an action movie.  Oh yeah.  It is an action movie now!

However, the history in the book is genius.  The research that must have been done to write this is so impressive.  And the conspiracy behind this storyline is fascinating and unnerving and eye-opening and frustrating to contemplate.

And yet, it is necessary to read this, and to question what you think you know.  That’s what life is all about.  Becoming wiser only because you learn how little you really know.









************SPOILER ALERT**********

How many people do you think have made the pilgrimage to the Louvre, since this book was written, to see LaPyramid Inversée  perfectly aligned with the miniature pyramid?

I’d go.

And I want to visit Sir Isaac Newton’s grave and The Temple Church in England, and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Goodness, I wouldn’t mind retracing Robert Langdon’s footsteps and searching for the Holy Grail myself!

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