Cliff Notes – Not Cheating…

if not used instead of reading the book!


Cliff Notes are amazing!

But they haven’t always had this reputation…

they were heralded as tools for cheaters when I was in school.  Kids would forego reading the book assigned to them in English class, grab the cliff notes and write the book report or essay or take the test based on the knowledge they gleaned from these.

Nowadays, I’m sure that the information kids can gather from the internet would give them a much more complete synopsis of the books they read than Cliff Notes.

I wanted to talk about the merit of Cliff Notes today.  There are a lot of books out there, mainly classics, of course, which when done reading leave you perplexed.  Did that mean what it seems to have meant?  Did I miss something?  What did this symbolize?  What was the author really saying?  What was the point???

I have tried to pick up at least a couple of classics that I have never read or have forgotten that I’ve read to read each year.  And at the end of some of the books I read, I find myself stumped.  Wondering if I’ve missed something.  Wondering why it was soooo highly acclaimed.  What makes it a classic.

And this where Cliff Notes comes in.  They break down the book, chapter by chapter, and tell you in full detail what the author is saying, trying to say, and hiding.

They would be wasted if only used to cheat on your book report, as they just skim through the book to highlight the most important sections.  What these little gems are priceless for is to decipher the book you’ve just read that’s left you going “huh?”

Cliff Notes are your ‘A-Ha’ moment!

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