Extend Sneaker Life

This is my old pair of sneakers.  Their sole purpose in life now is to serve as a comfy vehicle for my feet should they decide they want to work around the yard, go on a nature walk with my Little Beach Rose, etc.  They are still a part of my shoe wardrobe because they are my everyday sneaker.  Whereas I have a pair of sneakers that are exclusively my running sneakers.

Here’s why I retired these former running sneakers, prematurely.  And here’s how you can avoid the untimely demise of yours!

I always used one foot to pull off the sneaker on the other foot, like this…



and then this happened…


and that, my friends, is the end of the story.  And the end of these sneakers as a running shoe.  Kaput.  Finissimo.

Longer lasting shoes?  Shoulda taken the time to bend down, untie my shoe laces, loosen the laces, and gently slide my foot out of each one!

Shoulda, woulda, coulda……story of my life!

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