Notes from a Small Island


Notes From a Small Island, by Bill Bryson

Have you ever read a travel guide from cover to cover?  No, right?  Because we usually just skim it, peruse through the pages that talk about places of interest, underline, dog-ear and move on.

Well, the same should be said about Bill Bryson’s “Notes From a Small Island”.  Am I not getting it or are there others out there with me that don’t think this is a brilliant read?!  Sure, there are some witty remarks thrown in here and there, and by the end of the book you are thankful that he’s the one who’s visited all of England to let you know which places are a worthwhile venture should you ever decide to spend a little time there.

But, essentially you are reading a travel guide.  Or, really, someone else’ s travel journal.  Which, apart from the aforementioned perks is a complete yawn.

I’ve read, and greatly appreciated Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods”.  It was funny, smart and made you want to put on your hiking boots and head on out to the nearest trail in the woods.

Notes from a Small Island was written 3 years before a Walk in The Woods.  Maybe that’s why I find that his writing in this book was not as refined as in Walk in the Woods?  He seemed to have an edge to him.  His humor was a bit cutting and you felt as though he was an angry fellow on the inside.

I don’t necessarily think that this is true anymore.  I just believe that it takes a while to find your writing voice and that while you’re doing it, you take on many different voices!

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