Purse Size Matters,

but content matters more.


Beware of your purse.  No lie –  it will cause you pain.

Pain in then neck (as an idiom)


Pain in the neck (as a physical ailment).

If you allow it to happen.

The size of your purse does not matter… you can have a giant purse and be disciplined enough not to fill it with useless stuff, so that it looks cool and is light as a feather.  Or, you could have a little purse and shove lots of heavy things into it and it can weigh you down!

The key here is to limit what you put into your purse.

The pic above shows my purse before the light bulb went off in my head.  (Yup folks, it takes me a while.) I had this enormous sack-of-a-purse and was thrilled that I could now fit everything I needed in it.  “Needed.” A book, in case I get stranded somewhere for days and have nothing to do.  An umbrella – you never know.  Crayons. 2 tubs of hand cream. 10 lipsticks.  A bag of maple candies (of course!).  3 little notebooks.  Scrap paper.  etc, etc, etc.

Needless to say that I could NEVER find my keys when they fell into that abyss, never mind trying to find all of the other “essentials”.  And the bag weighed a ton.  A ton.  I would have to switch shoulders that it hung on halfway through my grocery shopping because I felt as though my neck was going to spasm and my arm was going to fall off.

And then, one beautiful summer evening when my hubby took me for a date into town, I decided to just grab a little purse and whatever I’d need to the night….


my wallet, my reading glasses, my checkbook and an EpiPen.

And I have never felt lighter and more grateful…

and I’ve never looked back.

Take it from me, you don’t need it all!

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