Avoid the Missing Sock Mystery…


at long last!

No, they were not absorbed by the washing machine or sucked into the holes in the side of your dryer.  They did not vanish into thin air.  They were not ferried off to Never-Never Land by Tinkerbell or any other kind of little fairy.  Your roommate didn’t steal one of your socks (What would be the use?!)

Where are they?  Most likely one of many of your pairs of socks is at the bottom of your laundry basket.  Or on the pathway that leads from your laundry basket to your laundry room.  Perhaps behind the washer or dryer.  Perhaps between the 2 machines.  Maybe it got caught up in your husband’s load of laundry and is now lost in his sock drawer.  Under the bed.  Behind the hamper.

How do you avoid the Missing Sock Mystery from being a part of your family’s history?

Most socks get lost somewhere between the time they are taken off the person’s feet to the time they make it to the washing machine.  Between the floor, the hamper, behind the hamper, the laundry basket, the walk to the laundry room, the journey from the laundry basket to the basin of the washing machine…a lot can happen to a lone, unsuspecting sock.

But, not if it’s got it’s mate.  When you turn one sock into the other, to make a sock ball, the minute they come off your feet ,you won’t lose either one.

If you aren’t sure what I mean by this method, please watch the most adorable video of this 5 year old teaching us how…(not my little Beach Rose, but adorable none the less!)

These sock balls travel together from the floor to the hamper to the laundry room and only at the mouth of the washing machine’s basin should you separate them.

I would wager that the loss of socks in your household goes from whatever percentage it is now to barely 5%, if any are lost!

Give it a shot!

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