Subtraction by Addition


Did you know that if you offer to babysit multiple children it will actually give you time to yourself?

How does that make any sense, you might ask?  Why would I add to my load of kids?  More kids, more problems, more fighting, more bodies to keep an eye out for…

The opposite is actually true.

It’s called subtraction by addition.  What this essentially means is that you are subtracting the amount of work you have to do by adding more kids to your brood.  The friends that you invite over will be the “entertainment” for your child/ren and keep them preoccupied for hours!  All of a sudden you have all of this free time; time for yourself.  Granted you can’t go anywhere, but still, you don’t have to be a playmate and you don’t have to be a referee.  Kids are always better behaved with people over, especially other kids.

So, take a load off.  Sit and read a book.  Get a head start on dinner.  Call a girlfriend.  Rock out to some great music.  And let the kids take care of themselves.

Just remember…don’t invite the kids’ parents or that’ll defeat the purpose!

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