Pound Your Chicken!


Pound your chicken breasts!  With a meat tenderizer.


  1. It will cook evenly.  One end of the breast is always thicker than the other, so if you cook it without pounding it out to make it an even thickness, the thinner end will be dried up by the time the thick one is done cooking!
  2. Faster cooking.  Thinner breasts will take less time to cook.  A thick piece of chicken could take 10-12 minutes, whereas a thinner piece can take as little as 2 minutes!
  3. Moister meat.  Even thickness of the chicken breast means that the entire piece will cook at the same rate, and quickly.  This means that there will only be a very thin layer of ‘overcooked’ meat on the outside of breast and the inside will retain its moisture because it spent so little time cooking.
  4. Tenderizing.  Pounding the chicken breaks apart, or weakens the muscle fibers in the meat.  This ensures that you won’t be chewing your chicken all night long!
  5. Get Your Frustrations Out!!!  No better way to get some frustrations out than by swinging a ‘hammer’ down onto some pieces of meat…you could even name them…

This is an extra step when you’re cooking.  And yet, I believe it makes or break your chicken dish.  Especially when you buy organic, free-range, no antibiotics, etc.  The chicken cooked without being tenderized is so tough, it’s almost inedible.

And if you aren’t sure if you believe me, you can certainly ask my saint of a husband who’s had to chew a mouthful of chicken for an hour, many a time!  Take it from me…

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