Add Some Magic to Dishwashing!


Meet your new magic wand!

This kitchen cleaning “tool” is magnificent.  I cannot say enough about it. I cannot understand how you could possibly wash dishes without it.

Unless you have your own personal dishwasher?  And then, well, I think you are the luckiest person in the world!

As for those of us out there that are constantly cleaning up the mess they make when cooking dinner and serving it, this dish wand makes it all magically disappear!

OK, I may be exaggerating a bit…your dishes don’t disappear.  The mess in your kitchen doesn’t disappear.  The wand does help make the food stuck on your pots and pans disappear, however!  And it saves you from getting “dishpan hands”, because your hand is not immersed in the water and soap.  The wand does the dirty work for you.

The brilliance behind it is the fact that there is a an abrasive sponge at one end (You can use a soft sponge, too.  Your preference.) and a screw top on the other end so that you can fill the tube with dishsoap which is dispensed through the sponge as you wash the dish.  Perfect!

And it’s always clean because you can replace the sponge and the barrel couldn’t be cleaner with all that soap on it! Win-Win!

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