Your Part to Help the HoneyBee

Not everyone out there has the interest, wherewithal, space, etc to be a beekeeper.  And yet, there are so many of you that are in the know about the plight of the honeybee and the effect this would have on our food supply and want to do your part to help.

Now you can…

What am I talking about here?  Well, the honeybee’s life has been in danger due to parasites and pesticides. And a world without the honeybee would be a disaster.  About 65% of all of our food is available to us because the honeybee pollinated a part of it.  Imagine a world without 65% of the food available to us now?


So, where do the parasites come from?  The parasites find the bees when they are mass-shipped with other honeybees to locations around the country to pollinate crops.  The exposure to other bees makes them highly susceptible to catching parasites, diseases and weakening their immune system.  We cannot do much about this phenomenon, as beekeepers need to earn their keep and we can’t control what they do.

But the pesticides…that we can all control.

Try to allow as minimal a quantity of pesticides as possible in your yard.  Use natural methods of weed control:  bark mulch, stone, landscape cloth, weeding.  Use grass seed vs. Chem-Lawn.  Use organic bug and fungus and mold deterrents on your trees and shrubs and plants.

Stay away from NEO-NICS!

What are neo-nics?  They are a chemical in fertilizers and gardening dirt, loam etc. that kills bees and other pollinators.  They are especially in Ortho products.

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