This End Up!


Bet this one will give you a brain cramp!

You know that thing you’ve been routinely doing one way your entire life?  Without even giving it a second thought?  Well, go ahead and start doing it completely the opposite way and see if it doesn’t mess with your mind a bit!

Peel a banana the opposite way than you have been.  I know. I know.  It’s counterintuitive.

But it’s the proper way to peel it.  Watch any video of monkeys eating bananas and that’s the end they start with…hey, since monkeys do it this way, it’s gotta be proper, right?!

Why start with this end up?

Although you wouldn’t think so, it is so much easier to peel this way.  And when you break into it you’ll be able to grab the little black nub on the bottom of the banana, the seed.  And lastly, you’ll avoid all the stringy bits you find when you dig in from the top of the banana!

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