Brown Bag it


Make your lunch.  Make your hubby’s lunch.  Make your kids’ lunches.


I don’t need the extra work at the end of a long day!

I know, you’re right!  It is so much simpler to send your kids into school with money for hot lunch or for you or your hubby to “eat out” (read: fast food or grocery store salad bar) than to take the time the night before to stuff those brown paper bags.

But here’s a list of good reasons why:

  • It costs at least $2000 a year per person to not make your lunch!
  • You don’t govern the portion size.
  • The food will be far less nutritious than if you put the meal together.
  • Your family could run into issues if they have food allergies. (read: coleslaw made with peanut oil)
  • Your family is more likely to eat all of the lunch you make them, including the fruits and veggies, than if they get it from hot lunch.  Most likely, they will only eat the pizza or the mac-n-cheese in the cafeteria, throwing away the healthy items on the tray or not picking them up at all.  Whereas your lunches are personal and therefore, they will feel bad throwing anything out. (I know from experience when I was a kid…I brought food I didn’t eat home rather than throw it out!)
  • And lastly, you can keep things personal and make your loved ones feel special by adding a little note once in a while to brighten their days…IMG_0023

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