Can I Plant Now? Can I? Can I?

Planting Dates by State

So, I’ve mentioned that I live in New England, right?

Last Sunday was the first day of spring!  Yay!

And then the next day we got slammed with a Nor’Easter……… well, we narrowly escaped the predicted 10-12 inches with a mere 5-6 inches of snow.

But that doesn’t keep me from chomping at the bit!

Before that snowstorm, my crocuses were blooming on my front lawn, my rhubarb was sending out its annual bulbous sprouts and my chives were looking green and spindly.  These are the types of signs we Northerners are seeking.

40 degrees and sunny out?  I saw a 20 year old running down my road with shorts and his long-sleeve shirt off and wrapped around his neck like a scarf.  You heard me right…bare-chested!

The rest of us 30-somethings are just as excited (maybe we don’t express it the same way), and out raking our brown garden beds, looking for the buried clumps of green.

So all of my raised garden beds are raked clean of dead leaves and pine needles and have been rototilled.  I’m ready.  Can I plant some peas and kale and lettuce and other heartier plant seeds?

Can I?  Can I?

Gardeners, like so many other hobbyists, each have a different opinion about the same subject.  Ask 5 gardeners a question and get 6 different answers!

My Dad, who lives in the same the same state, planted his pea seeds 3 weeks ago!

But, according to the planting dates by state shown all over the internet, they shouldn’t have been planted for another 3 weeks!  Go figure!

So, I have attached a copy of the planting dates by state website above for you to determine what is recommended and then take it from there.

Maybe you can look at the weather forecast and determine that the next 2 weeks are supposed to be beautiful in your region and so it would be safe to plant in advance.  Perhaps you are a risk-taker like my Dad and just want to go for it.  Or you like to follow the rules and will just wait till the proposed time arrives.

No wrong answer, really.

Whenever you start sowing your seeds you will be filled with excitement, anticipation and the thrill of knowing that spring is here!

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