How do I stop biting my nails?


I was born a nail biter.

I have had short nails my whole life.

Most often, bitten to the quick.  With unsightly bloody hangnails.

Attractive, right?

For a few years I tried fake nail tips, just so that I could so what it felt like to have long nails.  But, I’d inevitably bite those off too, and end up with ragged, bumpy pieces of fake nail left.

So, there’s no way to  have nice hands if you’re a nail-biter, is there?

Well, I found the way.


And it is ridiculously simple.

Buy a $4.00 jar of nail polish, and apply it.

That’s it!

Wearing nail polish is a proven deterrent to nail biting.  Your nails look pretty polished, even if they are short and stubby.  So you don’t want to mess that up and your refrain from biting.

And if you’re not into the look of brightly colored fingertips, buy yourself a jar of clear polish and it’ll do the trick.

Try it…you’ll see!

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