A House Becomes Your Home…

Have a ‘Home Sweet Home’ photo album…for each house you live in (if it’s more than one!)

Find photos of the house when it was first built…


Use the photo of the house from the real estate listing.  Take photos of the house before you buy it, if possible.


As many rooms and views as you can.  Then take photos of these rooms while you’re doing the demolishing/revamping/redecorating.  And finally take photos after you’ve transformed them!

Do this with the landscaping, too.

You will love seeing the before and after pictures of your home.  It is so great to see all the work you put into it together and the details that you add to make it your own.

And others will always be interested in seeing these albums, too.  They yawn and come up with multiple excuses to leave when you break out the family photo albums.  But show them your home, before and after, and they will be enthralled!

And you will be too, as you look back on the house that became your home.

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