Hit the Road, Jack!


Encourage your man to have a guys’ night out.  Often.  Every month.  Kick him out the door.  Hit the road, Jack!

He needs it.

You need it.

Guys’ Night Out is as important to your relationship as Date Night is.


It’s true!  It is so important for your man to go out, kick back, be himself, laugh, vent, be free of responsibility, etc, and to do this without you.

Date Night allows you to recharge as a couple.  Find excitement outside of the daily routine, together.  Let go, together.  Which is great…

But, he also needs the recharge with a couple of buddies.  To let go, with the guys.  To drink beer. To hang with other guys that will spend about 5 minutes of the night out asking about the girlfriend or the wife and kids, and then move past it and talk about movies and sports and funny things they’ve heard or seen.

It’s also important for him to maintain this Night Out routine, because guys are less likely to “keep in touch” with their old buddies once life becomes hectic with a house, a family, and work.

Let’s face it.  Most of our guys aren’t the letter-writing type, or the talk-all-day-on-the-phone type.  So, it’s easy for them to lose touch with their best bud from high school, just because they live in a different town and don’t see them at the dump on Saturday.

Date Night reminds you why like him.

Guys Night reminds him why he likes you.

I cannot tell you how many times my hubby has come home from one of these evenings and said, ‘I love you. I love hanging out with you…’

Although he enjoys the time with the boys, he also finds that he’s reminded why they all aren’t as close as they used to be in high school!

And that puts you in an even more favorable light!  Nothing wrong with that!

Don’t forget…his night off is also your night off…

Don’t cook, make yourself a Toasted Almond & grab that bar of Lindt chocolate, sit on the couch and find yourself a great chic flic.

Doesn’t that sound like an awesome reason to promote Guys’ Night Out?




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