Snow Day!


Oh, the magic!  Waking up in the morning to 4 inches of snow on the ground and seeing it fall from the sky.  Your Mom telling you that school was cancelled and you had a Snow Day!

It doesn’t matter the age…4, 14, 34, 64… a Snow Day holds so much excitement and potential.  There may or may not be school or work.  You can sleep in or wake up early.  You can snuggle by a cozy fire with a great book or get all bundled up and go run around in it.  You can build a snowman.  You can get some exercise shoveling the walkway.  You can make pancakes for breakfast.  You can make hot cocoa after playing in the snow.

Embrace it!

Have the proper equipment so that it’s always fun for you:

  • snowpants
  • winter jacket
  • hat
  • “real” gloves or mittens (not pretty ones that you wear to church on Sunday!  The sturdy kind you can roll a snowball with…)
  • winter boots (again…functional winter boots!)
  • long underwear
  • scarf


Don’t harumph the day away.  So what if you have to shovel or snowblow.  Or if you can’t get to the store because you’re snowed in. If you’re worried about the drive, call in to work.  It’ll be there tomorrow…

Go with it.  Grab your sled.  Grab your loved one’s hand.  Put a mitten on it.  Go outside and catch a snowflake on your tongue.  Revel in the beauty of your child with snowflakes on their eyelashes. Make a snow angel.  Get all wet and freezing cold, just so that you can appreciate the warmth and comfort of your warm house, of a blazing fire, of a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows bobbing on its surface.  Take pictures.

Raise your arms victoriously when you awaken to snow and shout at the top of your lungs with glee, “Snow Day!” And then make it that exciting!

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