‘Taste of the Tropics’ Smoothie


Have you ever had that banana-strawberry-orange juice that Dole makes?  Or the pineapple-mango juice?  They are unbelievably delicious!

Now imagine that you could have it for breakfast, that it would still be as delicious and nutritious and that it would fill you up…

that’s the beauty of this smoothie.

It’s not something you have to force yourself to like because you know it’s good for you and your New Year’s resolutions involve a smoothie a day forever.

You will crave one of these for breakfast…try for yourself!


Start with about 3/4 cup of plain yogurt in a blender.  This is lowfat and is not Greek, but whatever plain yogurt you have in your fridge will work just fine!


Add one banana, broken up into chunks, into the blender with the yogurt.


Then grab one clementine (or Halo, or Cutie or tangerine or 1/2 of an orange),


remove the connective membrane (either by hand or with a paring knife),


and add all the freed segments into the blender.


Some frozen fruit is key here.  The frozen element is what makes the smoothie frothy and gives it a milkshake feel, vs a yogurt feel, in your mouth.  Add 3-4 frozen strawberries,


some frozen chunks of pineapple (maybe 1/4 cup worth), and


one or two large pieces of mango.  Can you tell what’s hanging down on the top of the picture?  The last ingredient that takes this smoothie from great to extraordinary?


See it all drizzled over the fruit?  The nectar of the Gods?!

Oh yes…squeeze some honey on top of that superb fruit combination.  Don’t be frugal now.  A liberal amount is required.   You should be able to see it touching all the tops of the fruit when you look down into the blender.

And now give it one extra squeeze, just to make sure you’ve got enough…Perfect!


Blend this on high until you stop seeing large chunks of fruit whizzing by and can see strawberry seeds speckling the blender!


You’ll feel as though you’re on a tropical island when you take the first sip…mmmmm….

Bon Appétit, Ma Cherie!

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