Stinky Jeans + Me = 4EVA


If your jeans are standing up by themselves in the corner of your room, looking as though they’re displayed on a mannequin bottom half, you are doing it right.


Don’t wash your jeans!

Don’t do it!

Yeah, right.  Like I’m not going to wash my jeans!  That’s soooo disgusting.

Listen, you know how long it takes to find that perfect pair of jeans?

You’ve got a couple pairs of jeans, at least, right?  Ones for outdoor recreation, ones for a night on the town, ones for a cozy day at home, etc.  And you love all of them, but probably have a favorite pair or 2, am I right?

And maybe they’re starting to get threadbare in the knees or the inner thigh or under your bottom?


And you’ve gone out to do some preliminary jean shopping and are freaking out because you can’t find that same style of jean or color that you like or brand that fits you as well as your old ones.

Well, here are 2 tips to make those jeans that make your butt look great last a looooong time:

# 1. Don’t wash them.  Do not wash them. Do not put them through your washing machine cycle and then in the dryer.  They will fade.  And they will become threadbare.  And they may last you 2 years, at most.

Well, hello, they’re going to get dirty.  What am I supposed to do, ignore the filth, you may ask?


Spot clean:

Use Dawn liquid soap to remove a grease stain or red wine or tomato sauce, etc.  Carry those Tide or Shout stain remover wipes in your purse for “emergencies”.



Clean the dirty area as soon as you can with soap and water and air dry your jeans.


# 2. wash them inside out, with cold water and do NOT dry them in the dryer.

If you find that you absolutely must put your jeans in the washing machine, let’s say you rolled around in cow patties all day, then please, please, please turn them inside out.  This will help maintain the “wash” (color) and prevent them from fading.  As will the cold water, as heat is damaging to dark-colored clothing.  Therefore, make sure that you do NOT put them in the dryer!


So, the moral of the story is…wear stinky jeans, 4eva!

Do what you have to to keep them clean without ever putting them in the washing machine…spot clean them…

And as far as the smell goes?   Well, try spraying them with perfume, or sticking  a flower in the belt loop…

The point is to look good, right?  Whoever said anything about smelling good?!

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