Birthday Reminders


Tyler’s Birthday  38min ago

Oh phew!

I always feel a rush of panic when I see that message come up on my iPhone- Oh no! I missed the boat!  And then a sweeping sense of relief comes over me when I realize that today is Tyler’s birthday and I have all day to call and sing to my nephew!

Do you do this?  Set birthday reminders in your phone or on your iPad or computer or daily planner?

So easy to do and one of those things that make life nicer for you and all whom you cherish.

    • Sit down with a pen and paper and the phone.
    • Write down a list of all of the people who’s birthdays you should know and remember; husband, kids, family, friends, boss.
    • To the right of all the names, write the birth date of each of those you remember by heart.
    • Highlight the ones you cannot remember.
    • Start calling to find out the remaining birthdays!  (If you’re experiencing a moment of temporary insanity and can’t remember your Mom’s birthday, maybe you should think about calling your brother for some help before calling Mom and upsetting her…just saying)
    • Go to your calendar, electronic or paper, and find the month and date of the first person you want to set a reminder for.
    • If it’s paper, write the name of the person down & the word “Birthday!” right after it. Done!

If it’s electronic, on your iPhone:

  1. click or tap on the date
  2. click on the plus “+” sign to add an event
  3. make the title of the event “Tyler’s Birthday!”
  4. Slide the “All-day” bar to the right until it turns green or “on”
  5. Make sure that the start date and the end date are the same as the birth date
  6. Click repeat and check “every year”.
  7. Click “alert” and check on day of event and the time you want to be alerted (This is where you choose what time you want to be reminded of your nephew’s birthday, on his birthday. I do it at 6 am so that the first thing I see on my phone when I retrieve it is “Tyler’s Birthday!”)


And that’s it!  You are now officially off the hook – you no longer have to rack your brain to try to remember everybody’s birthdays.  Now you can leave it all up to your trusty calendar.

You will be the favorite among your nieces and nephews for always calling with well wishes on their special day.  And a little brown-nosing with the boss never hurt anyone!

Birthday Reminders on Outlook

Birthday Reminders on Android

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