Embrace the Spirit

Embrace the Holiday spirit…

  • Make the time.



  • Bake and decorate cookies with your little one.



  • Watch Xmas movies with your hubby


  • Go on a date night Xmas shopping



  • have a Xmas party


  • Shop early
  • Wrap early
  • Don’t get stressed
  • Read Xmas books
  • sing Xmas carols
  • play the radio station in your area that only plays Xmas songs after Thanksgiving



  • eat too much


  • buy an ugly Xmas sweater
  • wear an ugly Xmas sweater
  • incorporate eggnog into your drinks as often as possible



  • freeze cranberries and use them as ice cubes, whenever, in whatever you’re drinking, just because it looks festive




  • decorate, decorate, decorate


  • make green and red food dishes
  • have your child’s picture taken on Santa’s lap
  • write a letter to Santa with your child and mail it to the North Pole (most post offices have a special ‘mailbox’ and ‘Santa’ sends a letter in response!)
  • send Xmas cards with a family pic…even if your family is all grown-up
  • pay attention to the lights and decorations
  • take a ride with your little ones at night to admire the lit up homes, find the ones with the most blow-ups…
  • Pray for snow

Eat, drink and be merry, merry, merry!



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