Houseplants with a side of mayo?


Look at this sorry-looking Christmas cactus…all dull, drab and dusty…

I find that after a few years, all of my houseplants start to look like they’ve given up trying.  No more effort put forth in gussying themselves up and looking their best…

Maybe they get SADD, the winter blues, all cooped up for 6 months, no windows open, barely any sunshine, dry air, etc…poor things…

Well, I have just the secret to revitalizing your once-beautiful houseplants.

A side of mayo!


Yup.  All you need is a jar of mayo, any kind works, a spoon to scoop out a bit and a paper towel.


Apply mayo-soaked paper towel to leaves of plant…


Rub in and oooo la la!


look how pretty!


Now apply it to the stalk or ‘trunk’ or branch…


You’ll end up with a glossy, healthy-looking, completely rejuvenated plant.  You’ll be happy.  The plant will think it just spent the day at the spa, so it’ll be happy. And you’ll find yourself saying, for yet another winter, what ‘SADD’?!

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