Book it

Bored?  Book it.

Lonely?  Book it.

Scared of flying? Book it….Immerse yourself in a scary Stephen King book and I guarantee you’ll forget that there might be anything else in the world to be afraid of…

Eating alone?  Book it.

Have a book in the car.

Have a book in your purse.

Have a book in the bathroom.

Have a book in the living room.

Have a book by your bedside table.

Whether it be science-fiction, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, books about fish, hiking, war, kitties, art, photography, gardening, bartending, dragons, Star Wars, ANYTHING…

surround yourself with books, immerse yourself in books, escape in books, learn through books, books, books, books.

Don’t trouble yourself with the subject matter…doesn’t matter! You will learn soooo much with whatever genre of book you gravitate towards, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc, etc, etc…

oh and you’ll probably learn quite a bit about the subject of the book!

Now, also, try to discuss the book you’re reading or have just finished with someone, anyone. Discussing it will make it sink in to your memory bank so much better.

Don’t feel as though you have to stick with a specific genre of book forever, either.  Mix it up.

Been reading a lot of fiction?  Try a biography of someone you’re interested in learning more about.

At the beach a lot in the summer, or by a pool?  Maybe chic lit or beach reads, books that are light and fun, would be more appealing than trying to get through Dante’s Inferno.

Perhaps you can try your hand at Dante’s Inferno or other classics when the weather starts to cool and you’re ready for something with more meat to it.

Or alternate between genres.  Read some fiction and then read about how to Win Friends and Influence People.

Never really cared about books or reading, and so aren’t sure how to get started or where to turn?  Haven’t been able to find anything good out there at the suggestion of others?

Here’s a list of the top 100 books to read before you die…(not necessary to have to read them all, of course!  What’s with all this ‘bucket list’ craze?  Goodness, I have enough lists in my life that I try to complete without adding a new one, with a deadline!)

Top 100 books


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