Apple Bar Delight


Oh, this one’s a keeper!  It’s like candy, only much, much , much healthier for you.  (I’m pretty sure…)

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.24.38 AM


Start by peeling, coring and chopping about 3 apples, roughly 2 cups worth.



Crack 3 large eggs into a large bowl.



Add 1 cup vegetable oil.



And 1 3/4 cup white sugar.



Whisk above ingredients.



Add 2 cups all-purpose flour directly to the wet ingredients,



then 1/2 teaspoon salt,



1/2 teaspoon cinnamon,



1 teaspoon baking soda,



Gently fold dry ingredients into wet ingredients, using a rubber spatula.  Gently…not the time to hurriedly whisk a batter together…take a deep breath, slow down and gently fold.  Did I mention you should fold this gently?  Ok, ok, I’ll stop.


Next you can add 1/2 cup chopped pecans, or walnuts or whatever nut you love, or no nuts at all which doesn’t take away from the ‘delight’ of these bars one bit!



Lastly, the apples go in and again, gently, fold the delicious batter together till you cannot see anymore flour bits.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.24.55 AM

With spatula… Everyone? …gently…spread the batter onto a generously greased full sheet pan (26 x 18 inches or 66 x 46 cm).

Bake at 350 degrees for 21 minutes or until golden brown and it smells like grandma’s kitchen!

Cool completely.

Now it’s time for the glaze.  Oh, you thought this was done?  No, no.  It just keeps getting better and better with each layer of yumminess added!


Sift 1 cup of powdered sugar into a medium bowl.



Add 1 teaspoon vanilla and 3 tablespoons water.  Whisk.



Drizzle over the top of the bars, all of it.  Don’t skimp, now.  Cover every corner of this pan; you don’t want one section envious of the other!

And that is one easy and delicious way to please a crowd.  This can be cut up into at least 24 pieces.  Enjoy!

Well, I have officially used up my last 3 apples from my parents’ apple orchard to make this wonder of wonders, so that’s a wrap with the apple desserts for a while folks!

Bon Appétit, Ma Chérie!

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