Bad Hair Day


What is the definition of a bad hair day?  Is it just that your hair looks horrendous, in your opinion?  Or that the day hasn’t started off on the right foot and looks to be disastrous?

Literally, a bad hair day is deemed as such when you try and try to get your hair to turn out ‘right’, to no avail.  You’ve got a stubborn cowlick that refuses to be tamed.  Or your hair is laying exceptionally flat, no matter how much voluminous spray you add.  Or you didn’t have time to shower and have this rat’s nest in the back of your head that won’t comb out.  The belief is that when you start getting cranky that your hair will just not behave today, it is usually an indicator of how the rest of the day will follow suit.

Figuratively, it’s a day when everything seems to go wrong or seems unmanageable.  In general, a bad day.

Well, stop me if I’m wrong, but I think you can avoid ever having ‘a bad hair day’.  How?

1st:  Don’t mess with your hair.  The less you do to it, the less you’ll have to worry about it and whether or not it will come out ok.  Find a simple, flattering style that requires NO FUSS. Don’t buy a blow dryer, or curling iron or flat iron or hairspray.  Don’t do it!!!!  If you can be one of those lucky ladies who gets out of the shower, brushes her hair and goes about her business, imagine how much time you’ll save!  Having a bad hair day takes a lot of time to try to eradicate, folks, let me tell you!

2nd:  Don’t let the fact that you jammed your toothbrush into your gums in your exuberance to get rid of that morning breath kick start a series of unfortunate events for the day.  Don’t allow it to get to you.  You’re in charge of your mood.  You’re in charge of your attitude.  Picking up the kitty to pet her after you’ve held your hand up to your sore mouth will probably make you feel a lot better than kicking the bathroom vanity will.  (Your big toe will thank you for choosing the former, I promise!)

Forget your hair.  Brush it and walk out the door.  Disregard the morning altogether if it started out disastrous.  Start over.  You can do this because either way, literally or figuratively, it’s a choice.

Well, in almost all cases…

there are always exceptions, right?  Like, if you’re dog-sitting for your neighbor and as you open the door to let him out to tend to his morning business, he shoots out like a rocket and runs away and you’re stuck roaming the streets looking for him for 3 hours, making you late for work… ya might be in for a tough day.  Or if you go to get your hair trimmed at the new salon down the road, which was so very highly recommended, and they ‘trim’ 6 inches, this could absolutely qualify as a legitimate bad hair day…

But otherwise, you choose whether or not you let the little things dictate your reactions to the day…

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