Eating is not a race


Remember our sit-down family meals growing up?  Someone always had to set the table, we couldn’t start eating till after we were all seated and our parents gave the go-ahead, we talked about our days, and we had to finish what was on our plates before leaving the table.

It was a rare, rare occasion that we stood around the kitchen counter to eat anything.  I think we were even made to sit while eating our snacks after school…

There’s something to be said about slowing down while eating.  Eating is not a race.

Sit down while you eat. Anything. Even a snack. This will allow you the time to give thought to the food you are eating rather than just going through the motions.  You’ll focus on chewing, contemplate the food you’re eating, and its preparation.  And, in all likelihood, you’ll be more deliberate in your choices of what you are about to eat…

When you eat on the fly, in a rush, you are most likely not going to take the time to cook or prepare something healthy.  Your tendency towards the convenience of frozen foods, fast foods or delivery will prevail.

Time around the table with your loved ones could coax your sullen teenager to talk about his math test, or prompt a discussion about planning a family vacation or a much needed date night.

Enjoy that glass of wine while dining & chatting with your friends.

And even if sitting down for a meal is a solo venture, it could be the quiet that your mind needs before you tackle what’s next…

Dining at a leisurely pace will promote healthier eating habits and quality family/friend or alone time.  Win-win-win!

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