Chew, chew, chew

So, did you know that you could lose a dress size just by moving your mouth?!  My husband would love that one… oh sure, any excuse for you to keep talking!

Super easy.  Chew your food.  32x.  Every mouthful…

Chew until the food is savoured & the piece of food is small enough to be easily & safely swallowed.

The longer you chew, the longer it’ll take you to finish your meal & eating slowly results in eating less, because your brain has time to signal to your tummy that you’re full!  It usually takes the brain 20 min to get the message to your stubborn stomach that you’ve gorged yourself!

And soooooo, eating more slowly, causing you to eat less, leads to you looking like a supermodel in your dress at the party…

Also, the more you chew your food the easier you make it for your intestines to absorb the food’s nutrients.

And it helps with digestion, is good for your teeth and jaw muscles because it gives them a workout.

I heard from both my parents throughout my life, slow down and chew your food or you’ll choke to death.  Which always prompted the eye roll.  But, the scary thing is that choking is for real…

I still shudder when I think of the 28 yr old teacher from Chicago who choked on a hot dog at a ball game and died, right in front of her brother.

OK, ok, who brought along the party pooper?

So, chew every mouthful at least 32x to ensure that you don’t choke, for your mother’s sake, and…

chew for as long as possible because you’ll never find an easier way to lose weight…

You could go running for an hour 5 times a week and do sit-ups or you could sit at the table for an hour slowly enjoying your dinner!

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