To Treat or Not to Treat…

that is the question…

photo 1

Aaaaaah!  Land Shark!!

da da…..da da……da da da da da da…..

Let’s just say that she was about as scary as a golden retriever pup!  Although, I have to hand it to her…she did maul many the unsuspecting resident of a few quiet neighborhoods for their candy.

“Are we going to more houses to get more candy, Mama?” This, repeated over and over and over, after each and every home she invaded, until I would reassure her that indeed, we would be raiding more bowls of other people’s candy.  You’d think I’d deprived her of sweets until she was 2 and a half or something………

oh, right….

I did.

photo 5

Here’s the loot!  Can you believe how much this little beach rose lugged around in her bag by herself, for 2 hours!  Oh, the sacrifices we’ll make to satisfy that sweet tooth.  Like mother, like daughter….

and Daddy likes himself his Snickers & Reeses Peanut Butter cups, too…

So, the conundrum… she’s at the age where she has now seen, taken mental inventory of and probably catalogued the amount of and different variety of candy in her goodie bag.  What do we, the parents, do with it all???  We can steal a few pieces, but she’s no dummy; she’ll know if most of it’s gone.  But she cannot possibly eat all this or her teeth will fall out of her head and I’m going to have a heart attack!

And of course, she is now requesting to have said pieces of her candy at random times of the day. “Mama, can I have my treat now?” at 6am…   “Mama, I was thinking (always a precursor to negotiating something for herself that she’s pretty sure I won’t allow) that I could maybe have 3 treats after we play outside for a while”.

And of course I’d like to avoid the quivering of the bottom lip of that adorable little rosebud mouth.  Or an all out meltdown…

I do believe in allowing kids to have some candy/sweets, sometimes.  There’s got to be a balance or the child will end up becoming obsessed with what he cannot have.  However, I think they should realize that it is a rare treat.

So the approach I’m taking is a decent compromise; at least I think it is!

For the next few days, I am allowing her to have a handful of treats after lunch, snacktime and after dinner, IF she’s been a good girl.  And then, we’ll start to knock off treats for a snack (too close to dinner), then treats after dinner (because it’s too close to bedtime), and eventually it’ll go back to the rare treat.

Let’s hope my plan works…wish me luck!

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