Nooks and Crannies


Ok, super-simple advice…DO NOT cut your english muffin apart with a knife.  That’s it.  Finissimo.  Fini.

Ohhhhhh…you would like to know why?  Wellllllll…… if you do you will obliterate those gorgeous nooks and crannies that Thomas’ boasts.  The uneven peaks and valleys where the melted butter runs through in rivulets, leaving behind the random delicious pool.

And your breakfast will be dull and routine rather than full of little yummy surprises.  But, that’s your choice…if you’d rather not to take the time to learn how to properly divide an english muffin in half, stop here…

but if the thought of pools of melted butter make your mouth water, here goes…


See that perfectly uneven line running through the side of this glorious sphere of bread?  That’s where the magic begins…


Preferably you would use two hands to do this, but my four year old is not yet adept with my camera, so I took a stab at doing this one-handed.  Start to pull apart the muffin, using your two hands.


Can you see those craggy hideouts created by gently pulling it apart?  Now imagine them slathered in butter and full of honey pools…


The irregular result of your efforts…ideal!



Aaaah……..nooooooooo!  Don’t do it!  I feel as though I am witnessing a crime…


Witness the bland preciseness accomplished by utilizing a knife.  Thank goodness Thomas’ has nooks & crannies throughout its muffin or you would have a flat surface to butter and no fun at all.

IMG_7427The tell all…The one on the left was pulled apart by hand – notice the enticing pool of maple butter in the center and subsequent smaller pools.  Not much swimming around in the muffin on the right!

Soooo…go ahead and save yourself an extra dirty utensil and put the knife away…

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