Yoga Pants-Giving Men permission to ogle since the late 90s

Yoga pants are the new jeans.  And they definitely shouldn’t be.

I agree that they’re comfy and make you feel good about yourself!  And your significant other appreciates them too, I’m sure of it!  I’m just saying that there is a time and a place…

wearing sweatpants or pajama pants out in public has always been frowned upon as something lacking elegance, style and decorum. Don’t get me wrong, sweatpants or my favorite pj pants are the greatest thing ever for those cozy nights by the fire.  Just as yoga pants are the greatest thing ever for your workout class.

But, they are not appropriate for the grocery store, or school, or shopping.

The true genius of the yoga pant is in its equal appeal to both men and women. Men want to see them on women, and women want to see them on themselves. Men like the fact that they can see every detail of the lower half of the female’s body. Women like their comfort and their supportive pull-everything-in-tight effect. They feel good because they look good. Everybody wins.

Or do they?

Well, let’s see…now just type in the 2 words “yoga pants” into the search bar on google.  Do you see the myriad of blogs, sites, comments, etc by men in praise of this invention?

Men LOVE yoga pants inventor Ryan McLatchy.  And I quote,  “It’s as if he dutifully laid this incredible gift at the doorstep of the hetero male”.

My hubby works often with contractors and he said that almost daily the conversation comes around to a woman in yoga pants. And the fact that women allow themselves to be seen in them. And it is usually a lewd discussion that ensues..

The feminist in me wants to rebel against all this ogling by every man out there.  “Just because they want to be inappropriate, shouldn’t dictate what I wear, right?”

But the other side of the feminist inside me says, “You know they’re gawking, why would you allow them to? Or allow your daughter to be the focus of this type of attention?”

Regardless of the fact that you think you’re dressed, a lot of men out there feel as though you are “baring all”…YIKES!  They may warrant unwanted attention, whether you intend this or not.  Which may not be fair, but is a reality.

Schools across the nation are banning them, saying that they along with tight pants, leggings & jeggings are against the dress code.

There’s a reason that exercise or workout clothes is worn to a gym, to a yoga studio, a dance class, a dojo, etc. It’s necessary and highly functional then.  And completely appropriate and even recommended.

Suffice it to say that the message sent when these pants are worn outside of these circumstances may not be the one you want to be sending!

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