Who needs Hallmark?


To love is one thing…to be loved is something…to love and be loved is everything. – Anonymous

Back when I was in high school, a million years ago, nothing was more exciting than getting a note passed to you in class!  From a guy you liked.  From your boyfriend.  It didn’t matter what it said, how long it was, how legible the writing.  It was the thought of it.  The anticipation of reading what it said.  The Bobby Brady fireworks!

And the love letters that came after high school…I’ve kept them all, in a tote under my bed.   Shhhhhh…..

I am not so certain that you get the same effect when you email, facebook, tweet or text your love note.  There is no sense of permanence to these methods.  (Although, this is the fallacy. People think they can write & send whatever they like via cyberspace and that deleting it will get rid of the “evidence”, forever.  Not so much.  It’s etched into the archives.  Don’t be fooled!)  It’s not as personal as a handwritten message. There’s nothing tangible.

When was the last time I printed out a text or email thread of a meaningful conversation?  Ummmm, never?  You?

Sad to think that all kinds of beautiful love stories could be lost to future generations because there will be no handwritten word passed along.

Leave a love letter.  Or at least a love note once in a while.  To keep the spark alive!

Let your loved one know how special he is. How much he means to you.  How he makes your heart go pitter-patter, even when he’s not there and you’re just thinking about him.

Handwrite it.  Stick it in his lunch bag.  Write it on a post-it and leave it on the dash of his truck.  Leave it on the coffee machine for him to find on his way out the door.


You’re so lucky to have him in your life and you think it all the time and may not always verbalize it.  But I’ll tell you what…these little tokens of affection speak volumes of your love!

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